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12 Day Expedition

30 Oct 2021 - 11 Nov 2021

12 day sea kayaking expedition

This is our longest expedition with 10 days of kayaking and 2 rest days in Koh Mak and Koh Kood.

During the expedition we cover in excess of 200km, travelling to the very south of the Marine National Park whilst circumnavigating the remote island of Koh Kood. This journey is for experienced kayakers only, as it involves many open water crossings and sometimes exciting sea conditions.

Our extended expedition takes in all the highlights of the 7 day tour as well as the lesser known areas of Koh Kood that offer a rare glimpse of local Thai life. Expect to become the centre of attention in the stunning fishing village of Ao Salat and earn your relaxing stay on the white sandy beaches of Ao Prao.

What’s Included

All meals on expedition are provided apart from breakfast, lunch and evening meal on the familiarisation day and food on any rest days. Clients are required to bring sufficient money to purchase their own meals on this day/s. Drinking water is supplied throughout the expedition, other drinks are at your cost. Accommodation is provided for the familiarisation day and the remaining expedition days. The night of the final day of the expedition (back on Koh Chang) is at your cost.  Accommodation is in twin share rooms (doubles for couples) only, if there are no twin rooms available, you will be placed in your own room (at S.E.A. cost).  If you require your own room throughout the expedition, there will be an additional cost.

Additional Costs

Food (rest days) and Travel Insurance (kayak specific).

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All Expeditions begin with a Familiarisation Day

Day 1

Bang Bao Beach – Koh Klum – Koh Rang 24KM

From the beach we are afforded a panoramic view of the islands that await us. Once we have packed our kayaks and orientated ourselves, we set out for the western tip of Koh Klum, an open water crossing of 7km. Before you know it, we have reached the first of numerous islands.  After a little rock hopping and exploration we arrive at our next spot, where we will enjoy a lovely pre packed lunch.

Departing Koh Klum we look South over the open sea towards Koh Rang Yai. Koh Rang Yai is a protected National Park island inhabited only by the Thai navy. Now 10Km of open sea lies ahead of us before we pass/land on the idyllic Koh Mappring. From here we kayak down the East coast of Koh Rang to our stunning campsite for the night.  When we arrive at camp, the tents will be up and ready to occupy and the coffee (real coffee) will be in the pot.  To facilitate a good nights sleep, S.E.A.Kayaking will provide wonderful food, a pillow case, sleeping bag liner, inflatable pillow and airbed.

Day 2

Koh Rang Yai and Circumnavigation – Koh Kra – Koh Mak 23km

A morning of underwater exploration awaits us as just around the corner from our departure are two, first class snorkel spots.  A deep water entry allows us VIP access to the beautiful coral reefs and to the wide variety of exotic fish.  After our adventure we re-enter our kayaks and head out on our circumnavigation of Koh Rang.  Circumnavigating Koh Rang Yai is a delight, with interesting rock formations and wild flora, it is a sea kayaker’s heaven. After a rest on the Northern most beach of Koh Rang, we head East to Koh Kra, where crystal clear water and a stunning beach awaits us, and gives the opportunity to enjoy some snorkelling as well as lunch (again, pre packed for you).

After lunch we head east to Koh Mak, with a breathtaking Northerly view of the islands visited so far and the ones still to come, this crossing is one to remember. As we approach the Northwestern tip of Koh Mak, we spill out onto the North coast and we can then see the site of the rewarding coffee shop only 1km in front.  With our bodies fighting fit again, we set out for the final push along the length of the North coast to our resort for the night.  A/C, pool, bar, coffee shop, restaurant and hot water.

Day 3

Koh Mak – Koh Kadat – Koh Kood  (18km) 23km

Departing the resort we turn right towards the Eastern tip of Koh Mak, from here we set out across the water, and travel 1km to Koh Kadat (deer island). After the circumnavigation (an optional extra 5km), we will stop for a while to see the deer. After a rest and lunch (pre packed) we head due South to the Northern tip of Koh Kood, the second largest island in the national park. After a 8km of open water paddling, we finally reach our beach and lunch spot (if not eaten sooner, packed ready for us).  

On reaching Koh Kood the first thing that you notice is the clarity of the water and the sparse population, this is the theme for the next 4 days. Kayaking to Koh Kood is simply magical. Tourists go there by speed boat or other means, so to kayak there, according to the Thai community is “BA” (the Thai word for crazy). 

We continue our journey heading North around the top of the island, then down the east coast to Ao Salat, which is home to a mahoosive Golden Buddha, that over looks Ao Salat.  On arriving at Ao Salat, a stunning fishing village with all the homes and businesses set out along the pier, you quickly realise that the locals see very few tourists and never see sea kayaks, so we soon become the main attraction. Our accommodation, Ao Salat View Resort, is situated at the far end of the pier, but not on it as it is set in its own grounds with beautiful rooms. A/C, wifi, hot water, and swimming pool are available.

Day 4 – Rest Day

Today is a well earned rest day. We spend a second night in Ao Salat, giving us a wonderful opportunity to see the island. Tours and transport can be arranged.

Day 5

Ao Salat – Ao Phrao 29km

This is the longest day of the expedition, however it is easily managed as the wonderful variety of scenes that we encounter along the way and the numerous opportunities that we get to explore them, take our minds off the distance to be covered. The East coast of Koh Kood is all, but for a few hardy souls, uninhabited. For 25km we see nothing but lush jungle. Only in the far South of the island in Ao Yai do we get to civilisation, where lunch and a cold Coke-a-Cola await (in the restaurant). On leaving Ao Yai, feeling refreshed, we set out to round the Southern-most point of Koh Kood. On the way we pass a navy outpost – we assume they are there to watch out for illegal immigrants from Cambodia as Koh Kood is the nearest Thailand island.

The final few kilometres are in the bay of Ao Prao and it is a pleasure to behold. Our accommodation, the Klong Hin Beach Resort, boasts a pure white sandy beach, which could grace any brochure, and stunningly clear water. It is an oasis. A/C, wifi, hot water and a beach to die for.

Day 6

Ao Prao – Ao Klong Chao 12Km

A day of leisure, relatively speaking. We are presented with an opportunity to meander around the coastline soaking up all the vistas that are on show.  We make our way to our next night’s accommodation via a series of stunning white, sandy beaches. It is only right and proper that we set foot on each of these wonderful places, for several reasons: for a swim, to take a photo and the main reason – because we have earned the right!  Very soon we find that we have arrived at our resort, The S Beach Resort. A/C, wifi and hot water included.

Day 7

Ao Klong Chao – Koh Mak 26Km

Today is about kayaking back to the point where we began our journey around Koh Kood, so that we can say ‘we did the circumnavigation’. The only way I can describe the remainder of our journey up the West coast, is that it is like travelling through a holiday brochure of, ‘The Beaches of Thailand’. You will be compelled to stop and take photos. The kayak becomes purely a means of transport, enabling us to get to these magnificent places. 

Lunch (packed) will be eaten on one of these stunning beaches of our choice, we can pick on the day.

Having reached the finish point of the circumnavigation, we break out West into the open water and paddle 7.5km back to Koh Mak. We arrive, tired but proud of our achievements, at our splendid accommodation, but you will soon perk up when we see our surroundings for the night – circular bungalows set in beautiful gardens, with a stunning beach. A/C, wifi, hot water and swimming pool included.

Day 8 – Rest Day

A rest day on Koh Mak – the most beautiful of all the islands (in my opinion) where you can easily explore the interior. If you choose to get out and about you have various options for transport including taxi, motorbike (moped), bicycle and of course on foot.

Day 9

Koh Mak-Koh – Koh Wai  23 km

Fully rested we are ready to continue our journey. The first section is a continuation of our circumnavigation of Koh Mak, we head west along the South coast and then up the magnificent West coast; where we are blessed with wonderful play opportunities, caves and lava tubes.

Instead of heading straight to the next island, we continue to contour along the North coast for lunch at The Happy Days resort. From this point we have an open water crossing to Koh Wai (7km) where our resort for the night awaits. A/C, wifi, hot water available.

Day 10

Koh Wai – Koh Laoya Nok – Koh Laoya – Koh Phroa Nok – Koh Phroa Nai – Salak Phet 20km 

This is a wonderful day that encompasses rock hopping, snorkelling and coffee. Heading due West along the South coast of Koh Wai we are presented with many opportunities to develop our rock hopping skills. Having rounded the Western tip onto the North coast, we land at the aptly named Paradise Beach, where we can again enjoy great coffee and snorkelling. After our rest we head directly North to the small island of Koh Laoya Nok, some 3km away. We continue North, island hopping all the way into Salak Phet bay.  A/C, wifi, hot water and pool.

Day 11

Salak Phet – Bang Bao 15km

Heading North from our resort, we contour our way into the mangrove river for some exploration. Once satisfied, we make our way back out into Salak Phet bay and continue around the bay, to our lunch spot at Island View resort.

After lunch we kayak South, out of the bay and head due West along the South coast of Koh Chang, stopping at Wai Chaek Beach, where we have the further opportunity to venture inland in our kayaks on ‘sweet water’. Just an additional 4 km contouring will get us to Bang Bao Pier and our accommodation for the night.   Hot water, wifi.

Day 12

Koh Chang West Coast 14.5 km

The west coast of Koh Chang has some of the best rock formations in the National Park.  With 5Km of inaccessible coastline ahead, our journey up the West coast offers us ample opportunity to express ourselves. Gliding between rocks, carving turns and testing our skills against the waves, there are challenges for all abilities during this first section of the day. 

Alas the excitement ends as we make our way around Bailan Bay headland, one last flurry of interest presents itself as there are several shallow caves that have extensive bat populations. Lunch on Lonely Beach (restaurant), is our next port of call. The remaining 4km back to The Emerald Cove offers us a time to reflect on our journey and revel in our achievement. We have completed our 12 day expedition and should all feel extremely proud of ourselves! I would also recommend having a relaxing and well earned massage for sore shoulders – Paradise Bungalows in Kai Bay is a favourite place of mine to visit for a massage after expeditions.



Day 1 : 24 km
Day 2 : 23 km
Day 3 : 18 (23) km
Day 5 : 29 km
Day 6 : 12 km
Day 7 : 26km
Day 9 : 23km
Day 10 : 20 km
Day 11 : 15km
Day 12 : 14.5 km
Longest Crossing: 11 km


Koh Wai, Koh Mak, Koh Kood, Koh Rang, Koh Kadat as well as options for several other smaller islands.



30 Oct 2021
11 Nov 2021
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