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12 Days Expedition

20 Jan 2024 at 3:00 pm - 1 Feb 2024 at 4:00 pm

Koh Kood

This is our longest expedition with 10 days of kayaking and 2 rest days in Koh Mak and Koh Kood.

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During the expedition we cover in excess of 200km, traveling to the very south of the Marine National Park whilst circumnavigating the remote island of Koh Kood. This journey is for experienced kayakers only, as it involves many open water crossings and sometimes exciting sea conditions.

With our experienced local guide, the extended expedition takes in all the highlights of the 7 day tour as well as the lesser known areas of Koh Kood that offer a rare glimpse of local Thai life. Expect to become the centre of attention in the stunning fishing village of Ao Salat and earn your relaxing stay on the white sandy beaches of Ao Prao.

What’s Included

  • Technical equipments with experienced local guide. ‘
  • Food, All meals on the expedition are provided apart from breakfast, lunch, and evening meals on the rest day(s) and familiarization day.  Clients are required to bring sufficient money to purchase their own meals on this day/s.
  • Drinking water is supplied throughout the expedition, other drinks are at your cost.
  • Accommodation is provided for the familiarization day and the remaining expedition days. The night of the final day of the expedition (back on Koh Chang) is at your cost.  Accommodation is in single rooms – For the couple, the room will be upgraded.

Additional Costs

Food (rest days) and Travel Insurance (kayak specific).

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All Expeditions begin with a Familiarization Day


Day 1

Bang Bao Beach – Koh Klum – Koh Wai 19 KM/11.80 miles

The taxi will pick you up at your hotel on the first day of the expedition and take you to our office. We will be transferred to Bangbao where is a beach on the south coast of Koh Chang. From the beach, we have rewarded a panoramic view of the islands that await us. Once we have packed our kayaks and orientated ourselves we set out for Koh Klum, an open water crossing of 7km. This is a challenging start but nonetheless, it is very achievable. Before you know it, the journey to the first of the numerous islands has been achieved.

Having eaten and had a swim we continue our journey to Koh Wai. The crossing to Koh Wai is only 4km and is done in a short time. On arriving, we will arrive the North West coast, this stretch gives us much to enjoy – the aptly named ‘Paradise Beach’ with snorkeling, wonderful coffee, and the beach isn’t bad either. Our next destination on Koh Wai is one of the best snorkeling spots in the whole park.

Remark: The accommodation in Koh Wai is very limited. There is the possibility to get the shared toilet options or a ruined Bangalow. The electricity is also limited not the whole night. If we get this option, we will compensate by upgrading the quality of accommodation on other days.

Day 2

Koh Wai – Koh Mak Southeast 21 KM/13 miles

After breakfast with good coffee, we will depart Koh Wai by continuing Westcoast toward the Southcoast then over the 9 KM/5.6 miles of open sea towards Koh Mak with a breathtaking Northerly view of the islands visited so far and the ones still to come, this crossing is one to remember. With our bodies fighting fit again, we set out for the final push along the length of the East coast to our resort for the night. A/C, restaurant, and hot water are included.

Day 3

Koh Mak – Klong Chao, Koh Kood 24 KM/15 miles

Departing the resort, we head due South to the Northern tip of Koh Kood, the second largest island in the national park. After a 8km of open water paddling, we finally reach our beach and lunch spot. On reaching Koh Kood the first thing that you notice is the clarity of the water and the sparse population, this is the theme for the next 4 days. Kayaking to Koh Kood is simply magical. Tourists go there by speed boat or other means, so to kayak there, according to the Thai community is “BA” (the Thai word for crazy).

We continue our journey heading North around the top of the island, then down the West coast to Ao Klong Chao which is a perfect beach with crystal clear blue water and location. A/C, restaurant, and hot water are included.

Day 4 – Klong Chao Beach – Ao Phrao – Ao Bang Bao – Klong Chao Beach 20 KM/12.5 Miles

On this day, we have presented the round trip with an opportunity to meander around the coastline soaking up all the vistas that are on show via a series of stunning white, sandy beaches to another of our favorite beaches in Koh Kood is Ao Phrao and Ao Bang Bao.

After returning to the hotel in Klong Chao Beach, we offer additional options for the opportunity to paddle to Klong Chao, the small canal to Klong Chao Waterfall with another 7 km/4.3 miles round trip. A/C, wifi and hot water included.

Day 5

Rest Day

Klong Chao Beach is the tourist centre of the island, with restaurants, shops, café out over the water and nearby waterfalls, it is just a nice laid back atmosphere. If you choose to get out and about you have various options for transport including Taxi, motorbike (moped), bicycle and of course on foot.

Day 6

Klong Chao – Koh Raet – Koh Mai Si – Koh Mak Southwest Coast 25 KM/15.5 miles

After the rest day, we depart Klong Chao to Koh Raet which is beautiful island just of the coast of Koh Kood. It has a underwater statue garden for growing artificial corals which is another good spot for Snorkel. We continue to Koh Mai Si that is a small island in a group of Kut islands and located about 1 km from the island Koh Kut and has an area of about 1.6 km. From there, 8km/5 miles of open water paddling waiting for us, we will finally reach Koh Mak and end the day at Koh Mak Southwest Coast. A/C, wifi and hot water included.

Day 7

Koh Mak – Koh Rayang Nok – Koh Rang Yai and Circumnavigation 17km/10.6 miles

Departing Koh Mak, we continue to the west by passing Koh Rayang Nai and Koh Rayang Nok then look over the open sea towards Koh Rang Yai. Koh Rang Yai is a protected National Park island inhabited only by the Thai navy. Now 6Km of the open sea lies ahead of us then do the circumnavigation Koh Rang and underwater exploration awaits us as just around the corner are two, first class snorkel spots. A deep water entry allows us VIP access to the beautiful coral reefs and to the wide variety of exotic fish. When we arrive at camp, the tents will be up and ready to occupy and the coffee (real coffee) will be in the pot. To facilitate a good night sleep, S.E.A. Kayaking will provide wonderful food, a pillow case, sleeping bag liner, an inflatable pillow, Sleeping Mat, and a small fan!

Day 8 – Koh Rang – Koh Mak – Koh Kham – Koh Mak North 12 KM/7.5 Miles

A day of leisure, relatively speaking. From Koh Rang, we continue to Koh Mak West coast to the North and stop at Koh Kham where is a small island near Koh Mak which has very scenic natural surroundings, sandy beach, crystal clear water, and unique black Volcanic rocks.

We will end the day at Koh Mak North with the good area to explore and laid back. A/C, wifi and hot water included.

Day 9

Rest Day

Koh Mak is the most beautiful of all the islands and exploring it is very easy.  If you choose to get out and about you have various options for transport including Taxi, motorbike (moped), bicycle and of course on foot.

Day 10

Koh Mak – Koh Wai North East – Koh Lao Ya Nai – Koh Chang (Salak Phet) 21 KM/13 miles

Today another open water waiting for us again to Koh Wai Southwest coast 9 km/5.6 miles. We will break and one of the beautiful beach in Koh Wai named Ao Yai Ma for lunch, then 3 KM crossing to Lao Ya Nok and stopping at Lao Ya Nai.

The last section of this day is another 5 km crossing to Koh Chang, Salakphet Area. A/C, restaurant, and hot water are included.

Day 11

Salak Phet Bay–Koh Prao Nok – Wai Chaek Beach – Bang bao (16.5 km/10.25 miles)

From the resort, we are afforded a panoramic view of the islands that await us. Once we have packed our kayaks, gear and briefed, we set out for Salak Phet Bay, Koh Prao Nok then continued to the Koh Chang southwest coast stopping at Wai Chaek Beach, and end the day at Bang Bao. A/C, restaurant, and hot water are included.

Day 12

Koh Chang West Coast 14.5 km/9 miles

The west coast of Koh Chang has some of the best rock formations in the National Park. With 5Km of inaccessible coastline ahead, our journey up the West coast offers us ample opportunity to express ourselves. Gliding between rocks, carving turns, and testing our skills against the waves, there are challenges for all abilities during this first section of the day.

At last, the excitement ends as we make our way around Bailan Bay headland, one last flurry of interest presents itself as there are several shallow caves that have extensive bat populations. Lunch on the restaurant at Lonely Beach or enjoy pre packed food at Koh Man Nai. The remaining back to Magic Resort offers us a time to reflect on our journey and revel in our achievement. We have completed our 9 days expedition and should all feel extremely proud of ourselves!



Day 1: 19 KM./11.8 Miles
Day 2 : 21 KM. /13 Miles
Day 3 : 24 KM./15 Miles
Day 4 : 20 KM./12.5 Miles (or 27 KM/16.8 Miles optional)
Day 5 : – KM.
Day 6 : 25 KM./15.5 Miles
Day 7 : 17 KM./10.6 Miles
Day 8 : 12 KM./7.5 Miles
Day 9 : – KM.
Day 10: 21 KM./13 Miles
Day 11: 16.5 KM/10.3 Miles
Day 12: 14.5 KM/9 Miles
Longest Crossing: 9 km

Total 190 KM/118 Miles

Circumnavigations: Koh Wai, Koh Mak, Koh Kood, Koh Rang, Koh Kradat as well as options for several other smaller islands.



20 Jan 2024 at 3:00 pm
1 Feb 2024 at 4:00 pm

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