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4 Day Expedition

17 Feb 2020 - 21 Feb 2020

4 day sea kayaking expedition

The 4 Day expedition (on request, minimum 4 persons)

The reward for paddling up to 20Km a day is a journey through short open water stretches, a network of small caves accessed at high tide, a trip to Secret Beach that can only be reached by boat and unique perspective of Koh Chang’s rocky cliffs.

Although this expedition is only four days in duration we expect to cover at least 20km per day and so good physical fitness and experience of journeying in kayaks or canoes is a must.

What’s Included

All meals on expedition are provided apart from breakfast, lunch and evening meal on the familiarisation day and food on any rest days. Clients are required to bring sufficient money to purchase their own meals on this day/s. Drinking water is supplied throughout the expedition, other drinks are at your cost. Accommodation is provided for the familiarisation day and the remaining expedition days. The night of the final day of the expedition (back on Koh Chang) is at your cost.  Accommodation is in twin share rooms (doubles for couples) only, if there are no twin rooms available, you will be placed in your own room (at S.E.A. cost).  If you require your own room throughout the expedition, there will be an additional cost.

Additional Costs

Food (rest days) and Travel Insurance (kayak specific).

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All Expeditions begin with a Familiarisation Day

Day 1

Bang Bao – Koh Klum – Koh Wai = 18 km

From the beach we are afforded a panoramic view of the Islands that await us.  Once we have packed our kayaks and orientated ourselves we set out for the western tip of Koh Klum, an open water crossing of 7km.  Before you know it, the first of numerous Islands has been reached.  After a little rock hopping and exploration we arrive at our Lunch spot (packed)

Having eaten and had a swim we continue our journey to Koh Wai.  The crossing to Koh Wai is a 4km crossing and is done in only a short time.  On arriving on the West coast we turn left along the north coast. Our first destination on Koh Wai is the aptly named Paradise Beach which serves up the best coffee and fantastic snorkelling. 

From this point we continue along the North coast  and Eastern tip for 4km to our resort for the night, Koh Wai Beach Resort.  Facilities include Wifi, Hot showers, A/C and restaurant.

Day 2

Koh Wai – Koh Laoya Nok – Koh Laoya – Koh Phroa Nok – Koh Phroa Nai – Salak Phet 20km 

This is a wonderful day that encompasses rock hopping, snorkelling and coffee. Heading due West along the South coast of Koh Wai we are presented with many opportunities to develop our rock hopping skills. Having rounded the Western tip onto the North coast, we land at the aptly named Paradise Beach, where we can again enjoy great coffee and snorkelling. After our rest we head directly North to the small island of Koh Laoya Nok, some 3km away. We continue North, island hopping all the way into Salak Phet bay and our resort for the night.  A/C, wifi, hot water.

Day 3

Salak Phet – Bang Bao 15km

Heading North from our resort, we contour our way into the mangrove river for some exploration. Once satisfied, we make our way back out into Salak Phet and continue around the bay, to our lunch spot at Island View resort.

After lunch we kayak South, out of the bay and head due West along the South coast of Koh Chang, stopping at Wai Chaek Beach, where we have the further opportunity to venture inland in our kayaks on ‘sweet water’. Just an additional 4 km contouring will get us to Bang Bao Pier and our accommodation for the night.  Wifi, hot water.

Day 4

Koh Chang West Coast 14.5 km

The west coast of Koh Chang has some of the best rock formations in the National Park.  With 5Km of inaccessible coastline ahead, our journey up the West coast offers us ample opportunity to express ourselves. Gliding between rocks, carving turns and testing our skills against the waves, there are challenges for all abilities during this first section of the day. 

Alas the excitement ends as we make our way around Bailan Bay headland, one last flurry of interest presents itself as there are several shallow caves that have extensive bat populations. Lunch on Lonely Beach (restaurant), is our next port of call. The remaining 4km back to The Emerald Cove offers us a time to reflect on our journey and revel in our achievement. We have completed our 12 day expedition and should all feel extremely proud of ourselves! I would also recommend having a relaxing and well earned massage for sore shoulders – Paradise Bungalows in Kai Bay is a favourite place of mine to visit for a massage after expeditions.


Day 1 : 18 km
Day 2 : 20 km
Day 3 : 15 km
Day 4 : 14.5 km
Longest Crossing: 7 km


Koh Wai


17 Feb 2020
21 Feb 2020
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