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7 Day Expedition

7 Feb 2019 - 14 Feb 2019



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7 day sea kayaking expedition

Our most popular kayak expedition gives you the chance to explore the majority of the magnificent Marine National Park.

Travelling as far south as Koh Mak, the 7 day tour is a committing expedition with several large open water crossings of 10Km+ and therefore demands water confident and experienced kayakers with a good level of physical fitness. Although the trip is 7 days in total, we do have a rest day on day 4 (Koh Mak).

Expect to progress your kayak skills and test the capability of our top-of-the range kayaks in some of the best local natural playgrounds. Lunch times and evenings are spent in secluded bays where you can rest up, enjoy a spot of snorkelling or make the most of the countless photography opportunities. One night of camping provides a magical outdoor experience between staying in the gorgeous resorts and home stays.

What’s Included

All meals on expedition are provided apart from breakfast, lunch and evening meal on the familiarisation day and food on any rest days. Clients are required to bring sufficient money to purchase their own meals on this day/s. Drinking water is supplied throughout the expedition, other drinks are at your cost. Accommodation is provided for the familiarisation day and the remaining expedition days. The night of the final day of the expedition (back on Koh Chang) is at your cost.   Accommodation is in twin share rooms (doubles for couples), only if there are no twin rooms available, will you be placed in your own room (at S.E.A. cost).  If you require your own room, there will be an additional cost.

Additional Costs

Food (rest days) and Travel Insurance (kayak specific).

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All Expeditions begin with a Familiarisation Day

Day 1

Bang Bao – Koh Klum – Koh Wai = 18 km

Bang Bao is a beach on the south coast of Koh Chang. It is the starting point for all of our multi-day expeditions. From the beach we are rewarded a panoramic view of the islands that await us. Once we have packed our kayaks and orientated ourselves we set out for Koh Klum, an open water crossing of 7km. This is a challenging start but none the less it is very achievable. Before you know it, the journey to first of the numerous islands has been achieved.

Having eaten and had a swim we continue our journey to Koh Wai. The crossing to Koh Wai is only 4km and is done in a short time. On arriving we bear left along the north coast, this stretch gives us much to enjoy – the aptly named ‘Paradise Beach’ with snorkelling, wonderful coffee and the beach isn’t bad either. Our next destination on Koh Wai is one of the best snorkelling spots in the whole park. From this point we have just 2km to our resort for the night, Koh Wai Beach Resort with hot water, AC, and Wi-Fi facilities. Khun Pan, the owner, is the host with most.

Day 2

Koh Wai – Koh Kra – Koh Rang Yai and Circumnavigation = 23 km

As we peek our bows around the east tip of Koh Wai a notorious looking island sits proud on the horizon; Koh Rang Yai is a protected National Park island inhabited only by the Thai navy. 12 Km of open sea lies before us, this section of the trip is where we are mostly likely to encounter exciting weather and sea state. As we approach the collection of 8 islands covered in dense vivid jungle, you gain a scope of how wild our surrounding environment is, a playground of mass rock, deep water coral reefs and stunning visuals. Koh Kra serves as an idyllic island for lunch with a front row seat view of Koh Rang Yai’s east coast, allowing us to soak up the full scale of its beauty.

From Koh Kra, a short 2Km paddle gets us to the turquoise bay, being the view from our campsite for the next 10 hours. Spacious, well kept Military surplus tents await our arrival set back just off the beaches edge, a contrast from all the other evenings accommodation but provides a great outdoor experience with comfy roll mats and sleeping bags. Once we have unloaded our overnight bags, we then have the option to explore the island further, circumnavigating Koh Rang Yai is a delight, with each sister island comes more interesting rock formations and wild flora, and the west coast of the island is a sea kayaker’s heaven. This final section of the days paddle adds 10 km on to the days total, but it’s worth every stoke.

Day 3

Koh Rang Yai – Koh Mak = 10 km

A morning of underwater exploration waits just around the corner from our departure off Koh Rang Yai, fuelled by breakfast pancakes on the beach. Two first class snorkel spots are sustained by Koh Yuak Nai and Nok perching in the crystal clear water less than a kilometre off the coast. A deep water entry allows us VIPs access to the lively coral reefs which host more fish than you can imagine. When we have re-entered our crafts we begin the 8 Km open crossing to Koh Mak, with a breathtaking northerly view of the islands visited so far and the ones still to come, this crossing is one to remember. As we approach the west tip of Koh Mak, we gain an insight as to what lies ahead on day 5, overwhelmingly sheer volcanic tubular rock shoots out of the water, creating cavernous openings and playful wave spots.

One last push into Koh Mak’s southern bay brings us to our place of rest for the evening and day 4. Baan Koh Mak (The Makathanee) provides a perfect location with stunning views, close access to the local cafes, restaurants and bars and great facilities aiding us to rejuvenate our energies ready for the second half of the trip.

Day 4 – Rest Day

Day 5

Koh Mak – Koh Kham – Koh Bai Dang – Koh Chan – Koh Maisi Yai – Koh Ngam = 23.5 km

Boasted as one of the best days offered on our longer expeditions, an island hopping adventure lies ahead with supreme opportunities to practice developed paddling skills along the way. As we creep around the towering west coast of Koh Mak, taking advantage of every nook and cranny a natural playground presents itself, this environment is where our quality sea kayaks perform at their best . 6 Km from base, around the corner, nestled in the shallow lagoon off the north shore of Koh Mak, is the Island of Koh Kham, a pristine white sand island awaiting our landing. After lunch and a swim we set out North, heading for the Island of Koh Bai Dang a 7Km open water crossing that presents the opportunity to ‘Name the Island’. It usually ends up a guessing game as once easily recognised Islands, are now transformed in light of our new positional perspective. From one paradise to another our day continues to provide interest and activity. From Koh Bai Dang to Koh Chan and then Koh Maisi Yai we continue to have fun. Our final destination for the day is Koh Ngam. Entering the southern bay of Koh Ngam in the late afternoon light presents wonderful photographic opportunities.

Day 6

Koh Kgam – Koh Lao Nai – Koh Chang = 16.5 km

With Koh Chang shadowing over us, we begin with a short morning paddle 5km to a beautiful set of islands Koh Lao Nai, with possibilities to snorkel, explore or just lay back and enjoy the sun. After lunch we set off on a coastal adventure, by now everyone is kayaking on form and making the most of the scattered rocks creating lovely play areas. A total of 11km guides us along the south coast of Koh Chang where we can visit secret beach, only accessible by Boat. This evening is spent in the delightfully bustling fishing village Bang Bao at Bang Bao Paradise Home Stay.

Day 7

Koh Chang – West Coast = 14.5 km

We begin our day in a unique way by dropping straight from our beds into our boats (not really). The west coast of Koh Chang has some of the most breathtaking rock formations in the National Park. With 8 Km of inaccessible coastline ahead, our journey up the west coast offers us ample opportunity to express ourselves. Gliding between rocks, carving turns testing our skills against the waves, there are challenges for all abilities during this first section of the day. Playing in and with both the conditions and the environment we find ourselves in, is what kayaking is all about.

Alas the excitement ends as we make our way around, Bailan Bay headland, one last flurry of interest presents itself as there are several shallow caves that have extensive bat populations. Lunch on lonely Beach, is our next port of call.

The remaining 3km back to The Emerald Cove offers us a time to reflect on our journey and revel in our achievement.


Day 1 : 18 km
Day 2 : 23 km
Day 3 : 10 km
Day 5 : 23.5 km
Day 6 : 16.5 km
Day 7 : 14.5 km
Longest Crossing: 11 km


7 Feb 2019
14 Feb 2019
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